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Hammocks are what we are all about. There are several good reasons why we decided to focus on the original hammocks from Mexico. Our hammocks are produced in the area Yucatan in the south of Mexico. The center of production is the city of Merida. Hammock weaving follows a long Maya tradition and to this day retains great economical importance. Many family businesses still rely on hammock weaving for their subsistence. Our Mexican partners are based in Merida and are in daily and direct contact with the weavers. Each purchase of one of our original hammocks therefore also contributes to the "community empowerment" and economic stability in the region. Below are some pictures showing the production process of our hammocks - as you can see, this still follows the original Maya craft technique.


What makes our hammocks unique:

  • Quality
    Due to their special weaving technique, our hammocks are very finely meshed, with a broad edge for extra stability and durability.

  • Aesthetic
    The colourful environment of the Maya is mirrored in the many different colours and colour combinations of our hammocks. Our producers can weave anything from a simple dual-coloured structure to the most complex and fascinating colour combinations (see our individual models).

  • Size
    Our hammocks are gigantically large: The span up to four meters across, and are wide enough for the specified number of persons to fit into very comfortably - even diagonally!

  • Climate
    Our light hammock allows you to keep cool even in the hottest summer.

  • Fabric
    Our hammocks are made of 100% natural cotton, guaranteeing maximum comfort and last.

  • Comfort
    The weaving technique further adds to the comfort of our hammocks: The individual threads are not tied in a knot, but are simply crossed against each other so the hammock can be stretched into all directions and adapt to the body especially well. The body pressure is evenly distributed across the large surface of the hammock.

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