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Hammock nots

The right knot for your hammock

1. Fix one end of the rope to a tree. Take the other end of the rope and guide it through the hammock loop.



2. Check that the rest of the rope is long enough to tie the knot.



3. Fold the rope into a half loop, guide the rest underneath the hammock loop and through the half loop.


4. It is important to keep in mind that the end of the rope must not be pulled through the half loop completely. Please refer to image number 4.



5. Finally, pull the hammock loop tightly, and the knot will be securely tied and will withhold the weight.

To untie the knot you just need to pull the end of the rope. We hope you can see that the knot is easy to tie and untie, you do not need any other device and can easily fix it onto a tree or beam. This method is especially useful when travelling as it is very quick and easy.


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